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Ecologically Responsible Food Production

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We are glad to see you here!

 Beeswax food wraps, Canadian made on our family farm, reusable, sustainable, compostable. join the anti-plastic food wrapping reveolution today!
Set of 3  (2@ 10"x10", 1@ 14"x14")
Extra Large includes (1@ 14"x18")
Fresh Vegetables in Basket

Our Farm

We are profoundly fortunate to have our little farm nestled in a quiet Columbia Valley near Cultus Lake, BC. For many years we have grown Christmas trees organically and have gained a very loyal and loving family of customers. They love that we take so much pride and care to create a zero waste farm, are conscience of our plastics use and we are true stewards to our land. Proudly, we were the very first farm to have Salmon Safe Certification in BC. Growing our own food organically has been our great passion for over 20 years and we would love to share this with you!


We are very excited to announce that we are expanding from our Christmas tree operation into vegetables, garlic, nuts, berries, herbs, mushrooms and flower production! This was no small undertaking and as things progress we thank you for your patience as we learn the ropes of this scale and type of farming.

What does this mean for our customers? We strive to provide you with the freshest, organically grown products at our farm gate stand and local farmers markets.



We have all kinds of veggies on the grow and are particularly proud of our crop of garlic!

We have 5 different varieties to choose from:

Red Russian- large spicy bulbs with 6-8 cloves are a favourite

Majestic- large medium heat cloves wrapped in layers of tight wrappers makes this a long storage variety

Filipino- medium heat with a unique flavour is the first out of the garden around late June

Italian Soft Neck- mild and cream, is perfect for eating raw.It has a soft neck for braiding

And  finally, the now locally famous Peppy Lemieux! our largest bulb that is the perfect balance of spice and creaminess. makes a wonderful roasted head


Garlic scapes were snapped up at market so fast. What is a garlic scape you ask? It is the start of the garlic flower and is very delicious. Its described as a tender garlic asparagus. It makes a fantastic pesto as well!

And lets not forget our Christmas trees!


As we work through the process of becoming a certified organic farm, rest assured we adhere to all organic grower regulations and better!

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