Beeswax Food Wrap Care

I'm so glad you are here! Why is that? Well, it means that you have recently purchased our wraps and are ready to join in our plastic reducing revolution!

Your beexwax food wrap can be used for so many things!

WRAP IT UP! sandwiches, veggies, fruit and more. Use as a cover for a bowl, over a platter or wrap that fresh bread to retain its softness. Besides reducing your plastic dependancy beeswax food wraps help by keep your food from spoiling as they are breathable and wont trap moisture like plastic. Too breathable? Double up, wrap two sheets to keep food more moist. Beeswax wraps are wonderful and have so many uses, but they do have some limits. Its best to avoid animal proteins and oily products as these will ruin your wraps. Heat is a big no no as oils and wax will melt, so hot foods, ovens, microwaves and hot water are to be avoided. 

Don't forget to breakout your oragami skills and do a little folding to create pouches, bowls and bags! We hope to have some videos here soon for inspiration

How do I clean them? 
Wash Rinse Hang Repeat!

Your wraps will last longer and retain their coating best when washed with a soft sponge using plain tepid water or a castile based soap. Detergents tend to strip off the oil and wax overtime reducing the life of your wraps. Wash, rinse in cool and hang to dry, its that easy.

Whats next?

Your beloved wraps will be used so many times that eventually it will be time to replace them. The cool thing is our wraps are part of our closed loop system and can be reused for one more application. Simply shape them into a bowl, place on a water proof saucer and fill with potting soil. Now from your new set of beeswax food wraps, plant our belly band wrapper (that are embedded with wildflower seeds) and water! Cover with a sprinkling of soil and place in a sunny spot. Keep them hydrated but not soaking. Soon you can plant this right into your garden and your formerly loved wrap will be incorporated back into the soil to help make more beauty and bee food!